After struggling to choose a major, I have come to the conclusion that I will major in psychology and Spanish! My dream job is to work with children or teenagers, and I can do this by counseling them and making a difference in their lives.

Based on the interest test that we took in class, I can say that psychology is a great match for me. According to the test, I care about people and like to help! This is a major point in psychology because as a counselor I will always be helping people. The Interest test results had psychology as an environment that I would enjoy and feel comfortable in. The more people I help the more accomplished I will feel, this is why I also plan to major in Spanish. Not only will I will be able to counsel English speaking children, but also Spanish speaking children.

I have been set on my majors since my senior year in high school. My psychology classes in school influenced me, and also my ROTC class in high school. I was often mentoring students that were struggling in school, and I loved it! This is when I knew, I was made to counsel and mentor those students in need.

Blog Post B: Intended Major and Skill Set


Finding a suitable job!

Finding a job doing what you love can be easy, but the question is “Will it pay you enough to satisfy your needs and wants?” This is a topic that goes through the mind of every high school or college student when choosing a major. Although it is a tough question, I think that the answer depends on you. Would you rather do something you hate but get paid well, or would you rather do something you enjoy and love but have a low income?

Personally, I think that you can combine them both. For example; I enjoy working with children, teaching them and playing with them. At first I thought of being a teacher, but once I looked at how much teachers get paid I changed my mind. I started to look at other jobs that related working with kids, and that’s when I got to psychology. After months of doing research, I have realized that there are a lot of similar jobs out there with a different name. I now plan to major in psychology, counseling children. This is another way of doing what I love, and having a higher income than a teacher.

My advice to everyone is to look around for different jobs that do similar tasks! This way you will get paid well, and wake up everyday with a smile to go to work. You will no longer be grumpy on your way to work. So like I said, I think that it is important to do what you love and at the same time have a good income. It is possible, you just have to take the time to do some research and talk to your advisor!

I am trying to convey one message through this meme, which is that drivers should always put their turning signals when switching lanes or turning. This is a serious matter that happens everyday, and can cause many fatal accidents. The face of this meme can express the frustration and madness that goes through each person that has someone cut in front of them. I can speak from experience and tell you that I get very frustrated when I am driving in the highway, then all of a sudden someone cuts in front of me without putting their signal, and I have to break really hard! If you see, the sentence on this meme is not a proper sentence, and that is the point of this meme. It is funny when you read it out loud, but the message is very serious.

The website that I used to create this meme is ( You can either upload your personal background picture, or choose from the variety that they have on there already. After this has been done, you simply add the text in and your meme is done. It is as simply as that.

Need help studying? Quizlet can help!

Studying for any exam, quiz or final can be very hard and stressful, but with the help of Quizlet it can become so much easier. All you have to do is go to and create an account for free, after your account has been set up,  I recommend that you input all your vocabulary words with its definitions. This will allow you to create flash cards, take multiple choice question and fill in the blank questions. It is a great tool to use when there are a lot of vocabulary words that you need to know. I use this for my Spanish class, English, Biology, Ecology and Psychology. If you have a smartphone, you can also download it as an app, or just simply go to their website. Did I mention that you can also add pictures, graphs and tables? Yes, you can now study important graphs, pictures, artist and all.

Apart from studying by yourself, you can also create group study sessions and all your friends can join you and study! Teachers, this is also a good source for you to help your students get better grades. You can create class sessions and have everyone take a mini multiple choice quiz and study the vocabulary words.

It has personally helped me out a lot, and it helped me raise my grades up in all my exams. I am very pleased and happy to have found this tool that has become my studying partner. Quizlet is not only for students, but also for teachers. There are many ways in which you can study and learn your class material; my personal is the multiple choice questions! Try it and raise your testing scores!

I plan to work together with my classmate Ismael Medina on our Google site project, we plan to create a Peruvian and Mexican restaurant called “PeruMexi”. Our site will include the different menus we offer, special events, gallery pictures, coupons, directions and job openings. By visiting our site, you will be able to print out coupons and also take a look at our reviews. If you would like to see it personally, click on the link below.

How helpful is a Resume?

This week I got the chance to build my resume, based on my future goals and what I want to accomplish in the future. While I was writing my resume, I kept thinking about my future and kept asking myself “What do I see myself doing in the future?” At first it was hard to answer, but after a few minutes of thinking I figured it all out. I want to be able to help families solve their problems and gain self confidence.

Being able to think about my future helped me visualize what my life would be like when I graduate from college, now I know what goals I want to accomplish before I graduate in 2016. My resume does not a lot of listing under experience, and this is because I rather do a few things and make sure I do them right, than to do a lot of things and do them wrong or not have enough time to finish it successfully.
As you can see under my skills, I am a very hard working person and I love to learn everyday. Helping others is my passion, especially children. I want to be a role model for the generation behind me and let them know that everything is possible through hard work. I want my references to have positive feedback about me, and write me recomendation letters that could help me get a job.

You can take a look at my resume but clicking on the link below

Is Copyright Overrated?

I personally do not think that copyright is overrated, everyone should be given credit for what they have either written or created. For example; If you were to create a successful brand new computer with all kinds of features, you would definitely want to get the credit for what you have created. You would not want anyone else to take ownership for what you made. If someone was to use my writing or any of my creations, I would be more than happy and would like to be recognized. Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you saw someone get credit and recognition for something you created? It would be awful, and you would probably be very angry. There is a video called “Everything is a remix” by Kirby Ferguson, his videos talk about everything being a remix of something that has already been created. Has it happened to you that you are listening to a new song on the radio, and all of a sudden then tone or melody of the song sounds familiar? Then you remember another song with the same beat, well it probably is the same except it has been modified. Nowadays everything is being reused and is called a “remix” instead of plagiarism. Now is remixing the same thing as plagiarism? In some way it is, but now 100%. You may use someone elses work as an idea and add your own ides into it. It will not be the same as the original version but there will be similarities. Even if you remix someone elses work, you should still mention them, because you probably wouldn’t have gotten the same ideas without having seen their work. Copyright is a little tricky and could get you in a lot of trouble if you don’t know how to use it. Here is a little tip: If you ever use a work that has not been done by you, please cite your work and give the author credit for it. Do not plagiarize, if you get caught you can get suspended or expelled from school. 


In search for a Teacher’s Association!

Ever since I was a little girl I knew that I wanted to be a teacher; I would dress up as a teacher and play school all the time with my little sister and cousins. Now that I am in college, I have decided that my career pathway is going to be education. As i was searching for associations that dealt with education, I came upon an “Association of Teacher Educators.” This organization is devoted to the improvement of teacher education both for school based and post secondary teachers educators. After having read what the organization was about and what kind of work they did, I decided to go beyond that and request a few people that were sharing information on this site. The first person I came across did not talk about anything else other than about the government and how he disagrees with the Obama care! This was not a good source to use, due to the lack of information it had about education. For this reason I will not friend them, I want to be a teacher not work for the government. This next source was very dedicated to teaching and helping out other teachers. She shared a lot of links that would be helpful to become a better teacher. I friend requested her and started talking to her and shared with her my interests, she told me that one thing about teaching is that teachers are not allowed to share their school work on public medias. This makes it a little  difficult to search for good sources. When searching for good resources on networking pages, you must always read their about me, and see what kind of information they post.