In search for a Teacher’s Association!

Ever since I was a little girl I knew that I wanted to be a teacher; I would dress up as a teacher and play school all the time with my little sister and cousins. Now that I am in college, I have decided that my career pathway is going to be education. As i was searching for associations that dealt with education, I came upon an “Association of Teacher Educators.” This organization is devoted to the improvement of teacher education both for school based and post secondary teachers educators. After having read what the organization was about and what kind of work they did, I decided to go beyond that and request a few people that were sharing information on this site. The first person I came across did not talk about anything else other than about the government and how he disagrees with the Obama care! This was not a good source to use, due to the lack of information it had about education. For this reason I will not friend them, I want to be a teacher not work for the government. This next source was very dedicated to teaching and helping out other teachers. She shared a lot of links that would be helpful to become a better teacher. I friend requested her and started talking to her and shared with her my interests, she told me that one thing about teaching is that teachers are not allowed to share their school work on public medias. This makes it a little  difficult to search for good sources. When searching for good resources on networking pages, you must always read their about me, and see what kind of information they post.



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