Is Copyright Overrated?

I personally do not think that copyright is overrated, everyone should be given credit for what they have either written or created. For example; If you were to create a successful brand new computer with all kinds of features, you would definitely want to get the credit for what you have created. You would not want anyone else to take ownership for what you made. If someone was to use my writing or any of my creations, I would be more than happy and would like to be recognized. Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you saw someone get credit and recognition for something you created? It would be awful, and you would probably be very angry. There is a video called “Everything is a remix” by Kirby Ferguson, his videos talk about everything being a remix of something that has already been created. Has it happened to you that you are listening to a new song on the radio, and all of a sudden then tone or melody of the song sounds familiar? Then you remember another song with the same beat, well it probably is the same except it has been modified. Nowadays everything is being reused and is called a “remix” instead of plagiarism. Now is remixing the same thing as plagiarism? In some way it is, but now 100%. You may use someone elses work as an idea and add your own ides into it. It will not be the same as the original version but there will be similarities. Even if you remix someone elses work, you should still mention them, because you probably wouldn’t have gotten the same ideas without having seen their work. Copyright is a little tricky and could get you in a lot of trouble if you don’t know how to use it. Here is a little tip: If you ever use a work that has not been done by you, please cite your work and give the author credit for it. Do not plagiarize, if you get caught you can get suspended or expelled from school. 



2 thoughts on “Is Copyright Overrated?

  1. I think you bring up very valid points about what is right about the laws of copywriting. I think that citing the work of someone is the right way to go when you get an idea from something. That way you aren’t in danger of being accused of stealing.

  2. Very interesting post Glenda! I like how you used examples to make us understand plagiarism better. Even though it is a blog, I would recommend to use paragraphs because there were instances where I got lost and had to reread the sentences, Overall, great job! 😀

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