How helpful is a Resume?

This week I got the chance to build my resume, based on my future goals and what I want to accomplish in the future. While I was writing my resume, I kept thinking about my future and kept asking myself “What do I see myself doing in the future?” At first it was hard to answer, but after a few minutes of thinking I figured it all out. I want to be able to help families solve their problems and gain self confidence.

Being able to think about my future helped me visualize what my life would be like when I graduate from college, now I know what goals I want to accomplish before I graduate in 2016. My resume does not a lot of listing under experience, and this is because I rather do a few things and make sure I do them right, than to do a lot of things and do them wrong or not have enough time to finish it successfully.
As you can see under my skills, I am a very hard working person and I love to learn everyday. Helping others is my passion, especially children. I want to be a role model for the generation behind me and let them know that everything is possible through hard work. I want my references to have positive feedback about me, and write me recomendation letters that could help me get a job.

You can take a look at my resume but clicking on the link below


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