Need help studying? Quizlet can help!

Studying for any exam, quiz or final can be very hard and stressful, but with the help of Quizlet it can become so much easier. All you have to do is go to and create an account for free, after your account has been set up,  I recommend that you input all your vocabulary words with its definitions. This will allow you to create flash cards, take multiple choice question and fill in the blank questions. It is a great tool to use when there are a lot of vocabulary words that you need to know. I use this for my Spanish class, English, Biology, Ecology and Psychology. If you have a smartphone, you can also download it as an app, or just simply go to their website. Did I mention that you can also add pictures, graphs and tables? Yes, you can now study important graphs, pictures, artist and all.

Apart from studying by yourself, you can also create group study sessions and all your friends can join you and study! Teachers, this is also a good source for you to help your students get better grades. You can create class sessions and have everyone take a mini multiple choice quiz and study the vocabulary words.

It has personally helped me out a lot, and it helped me raise my grades up in all my exams. I am very pleased and happy to have found this tool that has become my studying partner. Quizlet is not only for students, but also for teachers. There are many ways in which you can study and learn your class material; my personal is the multiple choice questions! Try it and raise your testing scores!

I plan to work together with my classmate Ismael Medina on our Google site project, we plan to create a Peruvian and Mexican restaurant called “PeruMexi”. Our site will include the different menus we offer, special events, gallery pictures, coupons, directions and job openings. By visiting our site, you will be able to print out coupons and also take a look at our reviews. If you would like to see it personally, click on the link below.


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