I am trying to convey one message through this meme, which is that drivers should always put their turning signals when switching lanes or turning. This is a serious matter that happens everyday, and can cause many fatal accidents. The face of this meme can express the frustration and madness that goes through each person that has someone cut in front of them. I can speak from experience and tell you that I get very frustrated when I am driving in the highway, then all of a sudden someone cuts in front of me without putting their signal, and I have to break really hard! If you see, the sentence on this meme is not a proper sentence, and that is the point of this meme. It is funny when you read it out loud, but the message is very serious.

The website that I used to create this meme is ( You can either upload your personal background picture, or choose from the variety that they have on there already. After this has been done, you simply add the text in and your meme is done. It is as simply as that.


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