After struggling to choose a major, I have come to the conclusion that I will major in psychology and Spanish! My dream job is to work with children or teenagers, and I can do this by counseling them and making a difference in their lives.

Based on the interest test that we took in class, I can say that psychology is a great match for me. According to the test, I care about people and like to help! This is a major point in psychology because as a counselor I will always be helping people. The Interest test results had psychology as an environment that I would enjoy and feel comfortable in. The more people I help the more accomplished I will feel, this is why I also plan to major in Spanish. Not only will I will be able to counsel English speaking children, but also Spanish speaking children.

I have been set on my majors since my senior year in high school. My psychology classes in school influenced me, and also my ROTC class in high school. I was often mentoring students that were struggling in school, and I loved it! This is when I knew, I was made to counsel and mentor those students in need.

Blog Post B: Intended Major and Skill Set


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