After struggling to choose a major, I have come to the conclusion that I will major in psychology and Spanish! My dream job is to work with children or teenagers, and I can do this by counseling them and making a difference in their lives.

Based on the interest test that we took in class, I can say that psychology is a great match for me. According to the test, I care about people and like to help! This is a major point in psychology because as a counselor I will always be helping people. The Interest test results had psychology as an environment that I would enjoy and feel comfortable in. The more people I help the more accomplished I will feel, this is why I also plan to major in Spanish. Not only will I will be able to counsel English speaking children, but also Spanish speaking children.

I have been set on my majors since my senior year in high school. My psychology classes in school influenced me, and also my ROTC class in high school. I was often mentoring students that were struggling in school, and I loved it! This is when I knew, I was made to counsel and mentor those students in need.

Blog Post B: Intended Major and Skill Set


I am trying to convey one message through this meme, which is that drivers should always put their turning signals when switching lanes or turning. This is a serious matter that happens everyday, and can cause many fatal accidents. The face of this meme can express the frustration and madness that goes through each person that has someone cut in front of them. I can speak from experience and tell you that I get very frustrated when I am driving in the highway, then all of a sudden someone cuts in front of me without putting their signal, and I have to break really hard! If you see, the sentence on this meme is not a proper sentence, and that is the point of this meme. It is funny when you read it out loud, but the message is very serious.

The website that I used to create this meme is ( You can either upload your personal background picture, or choose from the variety that they have on there already. After this has been done, you simply add the text in and your meme is done. It is as simply as that.

Like everything else in life, social networking has positive along with negative effects. Do you remember having dinner with your family about ten years ago? You probably didn’t have a cellphone of your own and instead of texting in the table, you were sharing memories with your parents and siblings telling them how your day was. Nowadays, teenagers are glued to their cellphones and don’t go anywhere without them, they even go to the bathroom with them! This is crazy! We should be spending more time with our families and friends instead of our eyes and fingers being glued to our electronics. But technology also has its positive effects, for example; you can now type your resumes instead of having to hand write them, you can skype with your family that lives across the country, and even pay bills online! It makes life a little easier and also makes you a little more lazy! I can share personal stories on how technology affects my life; When I am traveling to another state and get lost I no longer have to use a big paper map to get around, I can just type in the address on my phone and use the GPS on my cellphone. Going back to the cons of technology, I cannot live without my cellphone. I take it everywhere I go and have become very dependent on it! Once I graduate from college, I will continue to use technology to further my knowledge in my career. I can take online classes and not have to go to campus, and I will also use technology to apply for jobs. I do not want to depend too much on technology so I will also do hands on projects to continue to learn! Remember that technology is good to a certain point, spend time with your family and friends and leave your phone charging in your room!

Is technology good or bad?